The Bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew. It has been translated into many languages across the world.
In Kenya there are over 53 language groups. Out of these, here are the translation statistics.
•    22 have complete Bibles
•    16 have the New Testament only
•    7 have portions of scripture
•    11 have NO scripture at all in there language
Bible society of Kenya works in partnership with churches in the communities to translate the Bible.

Currently we have 4 Ongoing Translation Projects.
1.    Oluluyia Bible Translation Project
2.    Kalenjin Bible Revision Project
3.    Ateso Bible Translation Project
4.    Maasai Bible Revision Project

Next year we hope to launch the Lukakamega-Lutirichi Bible. We are also working in partnership with Uganda to translate the Lusamia Bible and we hope also to get into full partnership with Tanzania to translate the Igikuria Bible. Next year we also intend to start the revision of Ekegusii Bible.


This year we are raising funds for Ateso Community. The Iteso people live in Busia County in Western Kenya and also around Mount Elgon. They speak the Ateso Language. Their population is estimated at 338,833 people according to the 2009 Census. The community mainly comprises Christians and traditional religion adherents. Currently they have no Bible in Ateso language, the language that they understand best.”
This greatly hinders evangelism and discipleship. Pastors in the area struggle having to read the Bible in Kiswahili or English and then attempt to translate into Ateso as they preach the word of God especially those who only understand Ateso.
BSK in partnership with churches in the community commenced the translation project in March 2011. It is estimated that this translation project will take between 12-15 years and will approximately cost Ksh.36 million.


Join us translate the Ateso Bible.
The Bible has 31,101 verses. On average, it costs approximately Ksh. 1,000 to translate one verse. You can help translate a couple of verses or a book or even several books in the Bible.

Contact us on: Tel: +254-20-6002827/6002807



  1. This is amazing..having a Bible in a community’s language makes evangelism and mission work much easier..can we send support through MPESA?

    • Definitely..
      Our MPESA pay bill number is 518100
      Other ways of sending money:
      Barclays Bank Queens Way Branch Ac /No 094-8002116
      cheques to Bible Society of Kenya.

      Please specify that you’re giving towards translation work
      For any queries contact Mr Thomas Tharao on 020 6002824.

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